Addiction services for those wanting something better in their recovery, with compassion

Wellington Street Clinic

Wellington Street Clinic

We know that you have many choices in addiction treatment options, so why choose the Wellington Street Clinic………. Compassion. Our healthcare team is invested in this community as this is our home community as well.

Recovery is never easy and it has many ups and downs but the basic need for everyone is compassion and understanding. The healthcare professionals that have joined together to provide this journey for you will always exceed your expectations.
Marking the decision to start treatment may be the most difficult decision of your life, receiving the treatment shouldn’t be.


A referral is not required to see a doctor at the Wellington Street Clinic.
Call or walk-in to make an appointment. After the first appointment and you decide to start treatment with the Wellington Street Clinic a treatment plan will be created and explained in details with all questions welcomed and answered.


It is your right as a patient to choose your provider of care. The relationship with your health team is vital to your recovery. The journey of a successful treatment plan will always to maintained, if you have carries they will maintained in your transfer. Treatment is recovery based not punishment based.


Our clinic has also partnered with an on-site pharmacy True Vine Pharmacy. The True Vine Pharmacists are very experienced in the treatment of opioid addiction, along with all your medical needs. With a full service pharmacy within the clinic it ensures the best quality care and understanding of all your personal health care needs.


Our care extends beyond the norm, reaching far past expectations to provide a comprehensive and long-term support network for individualized recovery from addiction and concurrent mental health concerns. Your recovery is our biggest priority, and helping you reach the goals you have set out for yourself with the help of our compassionate healthcare team is our mandate.